Introvert, are you?

There is totally no harm being an introvert until it drags you into the darkness of negativity. The downside of being shy is people dont hangout much with you..they think you dont talk much and you dont have much views to share or you dont want to share. Sometimes we may look rude. I myself is an introvert!
Its hard to deal with people and their mentality or rather wrong mentality that shy people are not fun. I simply dont feel leaving my comfort zone to speak to unknown people. They think i am way too shy. Well, whats wrong being shy?

It just my nature. If we know each other well we may end up being the coolest and fun loving friends. I feel i fall short of words when i talk to people whom i dont know. Its simple that if i dont know you what will i come up with to speak?!

Sometimes its good to be shy. Its good to think about yourself, i mean to give quality time to self. But the thing gets worse when we get shrink into our negative thoughts. Dont let yourself to soak into the pools of darkness by being all lonely. Stay happy even though you feel in secured just to prove life that introverts are  fun people to hang out with!


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