Why cry? When you can let go..

How i realised today all these days i was thinking of random thoughts,
Thinking of some i was actually making my mind to rot.

How i realised today my fear turned true,
No matter how hard i try i cant say it ‘get out of my life, just shoo’.

How i realised today i ended up crying,
How hard i tried not to cry but only kept trying.

How i realised today people are so selfish to speak words which are someone’s nightmare,
But i reminded myself ‘selfish’ are those people who don’t care.

How i realised today unknowingly we hurt people to extent of pain,
I dont know how people still dont understand, what the hell do they gain?

How i realised today no matter how much you feel to cry,
There’s always an option of letting go and to all problems bid a bye.

How i realised some people curse us with the problems they face,
If you kept thinking about it its the dead end you gonna chase.

How i realised today at times letting go is the biggest sign of winning,
Better than to toss and turn in night while crying.

So today i realised its upon you how to take things,
Whether you let your eyes tears to bring,
Or move on and fly like a bird with wings!


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