Being insecure is it?

Sometimes i just feel i make a fool of myself around people. Like when a knowledgeable person talks with me i just go blah! I dont remember words i feel. I simply talk shit and at the end when i try to figure out what i just said its totally meaningless. How you kinda feel the superiority of that person even if that person is not dominant, his/her aura seems to have impact on  you. I only feel to listen. I mean yes, i dont speak much around acquaintances because i dont come up with random topics to talk about. And they just totally judge me being shy or they say i dont share my feelings or am kinda mysterious (which am probably not!). But thats a totally different part.

Experience speaks much than knowledge. Actually its experience in a way which gives you the best knowledge at times. And when i meet such people i just dont feel to express my views. Its just that i think maybe my views will seem not that up to mark to what that person expects from me. Or even if he dont, he may create a different image of me which i dont want to. So i end up shutting myself before speaking anything. And when there comes a point when you have to speak, like you cannot just keep quiet the whole conversation, i go blank, i mean all i do is agree (to avoid the situation). Is it what called being insecure?


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