It will be yours someday..

People say life is hard. Well, what is easy then?
When you feel something from your very inner, something will happen. Even if you don’t seem it coming your way or things aren’t how they should, close your eyes because it will be yours someday.
It may be far or maybe very very close. You just never know. All you have to do is keep your hopes high. Because when you believe, just remember your heart has already accepted it.
When your heart does it, it is going to happen. You don’t need to be a demigod to make things happen.
Things take time. More the time it takes, more the feeling of joy, more the feeling of *finally its mine*.

Yes, sometimes the time is not in favour of yours. But it will someday. Keep going, because its not about winning its about living!

People pity on your situation but don’t feel any less. Future is unexpected and when it hits your way its not always bad. Sometimes its too good to be for once. It remains forever. It changes you forever. Accept change. Live the change. Feel the rush!


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