The don’t kind of do..

He belongs to a popular group. Why would he care for you? You are just another person on this earth for him. He know you but he don’t. Girls more beautiful than you gotta crush on him. Why would he even think about you? He talks to very few people. Why would he talk with you? Who are you for him? Nothing, it?
So you don’t like him……but you do. The don’t kinda do….

Ever felt so strongly attracted to a person but at the same time way too helpless? Its worst that can happen with you. Like you know you cannot do anything to get that guy and you try to forget but you just can’t hate him for the reason you like him. And the rest of it you are simply over that part.

Unfair is when you cannot express. Strong infatuations are by the times more unfair.

You feel uneasy for all the time you pretended you don’t but you do. Like its just not about doing what your heart says, but there are so many things in between that you refrain saying anything. All you want is just the moment to pass quickly so that you can escape it….like forever.

You do wanna look at him but you don’t. But then you end up doing it.
All you think is why on the earth you mean something to him. He can choose even much better. When you are not even popular. Few people may know you. Why would he even give a thought to you.
So you end up shutting because at the end of the day you want him to think about you (if he ever does) in his nice memories.

So you leave things on a good note. And you don’t cross the line. But somewhere in your heart you do want to.
The don’t kind of do….


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