The intention behind..

It seems mix of your feeling when the person you feel is trustworthy proves that he is not. The ones you feel are on your side are the ones that backstab you. So, its not easy to deal with people around.
You never know that a person who leave traces of anger behind might be the one who cares for you. On the other hand the one who seems to be kind in front of you might be the one who shares your pessimistic side to someone else.

Well, being used to a kind makes you  understand the real intention of a person’s word. Its hard to believe that someone can really think about you the way you are not. And the someone who always took your side in your bad and was happy in your good. Its pushes you hard. The reality pushes you. And it leaves you to the point where it was the very first moment when you thought you can trust that person. It reminds you, it makes you regret.
But with it, it gives you a lesson to learn. To understand that not every flower is bloomed in the same garden as you were.
P.S Not every person’s intentions are same as yours.

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