Looking at them..

‘Them’ are the people who i desperately want to replace my life with. Ever felt that someone’s life is exactly what you dream for?
Today, surfing Facebook i found one of a popular girl from my highschool appeared on the MTV junkyard project, cleaning streets and painting walls. She was flaunting on the TV on the very known MTV channel.
Alright, being a human and having the tendency to behave like one, i felt jealous. I mean that’s totally normal because everyone wants to be popular, the introverts too!
       So, just looking at them you kinda feel your life is so uninteresting. They all have..like..everything. I don’t know if they have but it seems so.
       But then..my brother gave me an awesome advice..”Have you every imagined the way someone’s life appears to you, may be the same way someone will be admiring your life! ”
So the point is, your life is no less than any one else. Nobody’s perfect. So what if they appear on TV, its no big deal. If we weren’t being the audience to watch them..how would have they become popular at the first place. So always give importance and priority to self…your life is enough to make you happy. You just got to learn the way how to find it!

Call Me Day Dreamer


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