Its all about experience..

Yesterday, i met this friend of mine. We are really good friends like from 3 years. We were talking and randomly i just said that i need new friends. I don’t really have many. That’s true..that i don’t have much. I need new people around me. And i have figured it out that social media won’t fill your need because its all about popularity, it is basically a fake life i think…most of them pretend who they are not! Getting likes and comments is all what you can have. Well but what i needed was bunch of friends, not just namesake ones!
            To that my friend said ,’it was cool that you don’t have much friends. Trust me, having so many of them brings you sadness at a time. When they just zone you out. When they commit to a relationship, they just forget you. I’ve been through it!’
         Honestly, that was not i wanted to hear. I expected that she would say me something to get me new people around me. Then i realise, it was all about experience. You see, she experienced something which i haven’t. And right now i am experiencing the kinda loneliness she isn’t.
          And that’s what makes us all different and unique from one another. So instead of being sad for what you don’t have..u need to be happy, because someone out there might be wishing something you have which you regret to have.
     Its just all twisted thing! 😜

Call Me Day Dreamer


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