It all matters how you deal.

It is so weird or rather senseless that people cannot see someone else happy when they themselves are not. Tragedies are part of life. You cannot let them change you forever into some evil kinda person. All your life you try to be a nice person but then you realise you were being nice to someone who is equal to shit. Its crazy how people curse you that your life is going to be hell or you are gonna die if you said anything wrong to me or whatever. I mean what are you some kinda superhero?
             Its poor when people use their tragic part to emotionally flip the sight of audience towards them. While having a fight, you don’t become all sentimental and overcome the opposite person and accuse them of something they would never even think in their worst nightmare. Sometime the mature people are the most immature. They don’t get what even a word, a single word, and mean what to someone. Words are like knives. They stab you in your heart. When your heart aches, its just you who knows.
               Dealing with an evil, you don’t have to be evil. Just be yourself. Whenever you sense the par of anger rising above the height, surrender. You never go far if you know you yourself cannot control your brains or your body. When anger overcomes a person, you become more than an evil. You just destroy. If you don’t wanna regret things in life, avoid destruction.
                If you cannot handle someone insulting you, or doing bad to you, you should not do that either. Things like ego, they beat the shit outta you. Ego is never gonna lead you to anything. It will drag you down and will make you the kinda person you will hate. There is nothing worse than you hating yourself.
                  While playing a role in someone else’s life, you make sure it is the best one for them. You don’t count if you get jealous of someone who you once claimed to be your close person. You cannot say someone that you’re life is going to be hell just because mine is! There is a fine line when it comes to being human. You cross it, you show to the world you can never be a nice person, you don’t even know to live in a social world like this. Even animals got heart but you don’t. Everybody is facing hard times in life. Its not just you who is crying over bad things.
You just make sure if you are afraid of tragedies then you don’t be one for someone else. If you afraid of dealing with situation and tired of crying over then you don’t make someone else cry for you. That’s the most gross thing you can ever do to someone.

Call Me Day Dreamer


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