It hits you like an avalanche.

Dilemma is such a situation where you feel to run away, so far that you never come back. Life puts you into the worst situation you can ever be into. Maybe your worst nightmare. Where you feel to get a panic attack and feel to faint. At such, you feel to faint is the best escape no matter how gross it sounds.
      Nothing at the moment can comfort you. Because it hits you like an avalanche. Like bullet fired from a gun to shot you dead. And you feel dead. Confusion runs from the nerves like the water in the drifting river. So fast, so painful, so making the situation worse.
       Freaking out, you try to breathe but fail. Because you never encountered such event. You pray to god to give you enough strength to deal with panicking situation. You can see the future now. It is not what you want.
       You want freedom, but this uncanny situation wont give you that. They, they want you to leave their world. You want to leave their world because you cannot handle anymore pain. Pain that kills you slowly, it is a slow and painful death everyday. Now you want to live. But then again, they, they don’t want you to leave. If you do it will hit you back.
        Now even if you don’t care, you stuck. They don’t want you to live and neither leave.
           How much does that sucks? Enough for a lifetime. More then that. It hits so hard to the heart. You feel stabbed by both the sides. Can you feel your breath? Its lost in the echo of the voices from your brain. But you have to live anyway. Because life is a one time shot!
        You think you can leave this tragedy behind and start from a new beginning but What if the unexpected happens which you afraid of. At this , it could be the best or the worst decision. There is no in between. This is so hard. If its worse, it could take a reverse turn and devastate  you . You don’t want that. All what you demanded was peace. But this is violence. Can never believe that it could be so tough to breath some day. You stand for your thoughts. To live a life the way you want to. So hard, so painful. Pain lingers in every difficult breath of yours.

Call Me Day Dreamer


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