For some thunder is frightening, for some its just lightening!

When we say we missed an opportunity, we say we regret that. But an opportunity for some is not the same way to someone else. For you late night clubbing or huge parties might be fun but for some having long night walks or anything peaceful is fun. So if you ever think that you regret missing an opportunity, you have to remember that it is not a big deal. Juts because things get popular and mainstream doesn’t mean they guarantee you a lifetime worth memory. Doesn’t mean that you have missed something huge in your life. Things come and go, you keep holding them or let it go is just the matter of situation.
                Someone who is unnoticed might be the one who has it in him to be noticed and someone who is popular is no worth. But its just all matter of how you see things. There is a world beyond just those mainstream things which attracts you. But you’re life might be something even more exciting than that. You will have those adventures which nobody has gone through. Yes, we all feel someday to live a life like others. But you don’t know how many people crave for the life you live. At the end of the day its just the matter of perspective. If you see a cat as a lion, you will obviously be afraid of it. Instead if you see it as a loving animal, that would be something opposite of afraid, right?
               If you ever think your life is boring or you hate it, just remember it has planned tons of things for you. Don’t ruin the surprises for that they don’t seem lustrous to you. There is no specific definition of what things gives fun to you and what not. A thunder can be frightening for some but it can be a lightening for someone else.
              If you keep holding grudges for certain things, they will never give you pleasure. All your life you run for things which keeps shining in your eyes, but you never realise that looking at the brightness made you so blind to recognise your life was never less than anybody in this world. Everything has a specific time, It will happen to you if it has to. Don’t miss out what you already have in quest of chasing stars.
Don’t regret those things which never meant to happen to you.
Don’t keep waiting, just keep moving for that opportunities keep meeting you on the way and you never look back to what you lost!


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