Sky full of stars!

There is a time in life when we all are rejected for some or another reason. Rejection hurts, ignorance hurts. What we all do is try and find fault in ourselves in quest to figure out why we didn’t make it up to being accepted by someone. And its really hard to get over that feeling, and its very natural really. Like all you want was that one star from the sky but now that it went so far that its no more visible, but you know what that wasn’t the only star, right?
                The sky is full of stars, no matter how bad you wanted that ‘one’, you never know the unnoticed stars are more worth your stargazing then the one you always wanted. How can you predetermine that the next opportunity is not worth until you try it? As i said, we all face rejection and its a part of life. All you have to do is move to the next step in life, well it won’t be easy but then not impossible either.
               The most important thing! The fault of not being accepted is not in you, sometimes its just an unfavourable situation wherein you cannot blame anyone, you just have to accept. And acceptance doesn’t mean that you are any less suitable for being accepted, its just letting go all those things that are hurting you. Maybe your ‘star’ never realised when did it disappeared from your sky, but you know if its not going to reappear whats the point of waiting? Accept the new! Life might have replaced that thing for you, go search for it and be excited for the bigger thing then crying over smaller stuff. You know why? Because nothing can stop you, and most importantly because YOU CAN!
             You are not so weak that you can’t handle rejection. Have you ever realised how many things that you rejected just like that, it was easy to do it. Because it is always easy to break hearts but it takes forever to mend it. Don’t wait that long, life is too short to keep fixing your broken heart and its never too late to have a new beginning and hunt for other opportunities!
                  Don’t hate yourself. Accepting the situation won’t make the person any less nice and neither will it make you any less awesome. The ‘one’ star will always be shining bright but this time you will be focusing on the brightest star in the sky, and you know it will keep shining only for YOU! Yes, you are special and you will always be. Because beauty is not just being pretty by looks but by heart.


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