While missing out something big!

Ever in your life if you have missed something like a moment of lifetime and you regret what made you miss it, is worse. The pain is worsening. Like its the end of every good thing that could happen. Feeling so unlucky that all your luck has dried or died. And when you ask the question, why me? you don’t get any answers because there is nothing wrong you have done for such situation.
         All those unnecessary things that obstruct you are so pathetic enough to curse but you know what sometimes your destiny don’t allow you go for all those lifetime worth moments because there is something else planned. Much bigger to take those spaces where in your small moments could fit in. There are bigger dreams which could occupy the spaces of all your smaller dreams. The intensity would be higher than one lifetime worth moments. Just remember that people miss out greater things in life than that of yours. Life is too short to regret things. Just move on and enjoy all those moments which comes across your way.


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