Catch up while the rush is on!

All our life what we do is keep rushing. Rushing to achieve things, bigger things. And probably that’s what we are gonna continue doing. We rush every morning to attend our class, we rush to have fun, we rush to make friends, we rush to fall in love,we rush to gain someone’s trust, we rush for every thing that makes us happy. But when we get those things, we want that moment to be slow, so that you could feel every percent of happiness in you. You don’t want to leave that moment. We want everything real quick, but after that we get it, wewant it to be somewhat like paused for a while. Like fast forwarding till the part where it gets perfect and once that it gets perfect, you are lost in it.
               But in reality its reverse, it takes time to make the moment perfect and when it gets perfect time flew so fast that you don’t realise. And nothing can stay forever. It takes alot from you but gives you little. But instead of measuring how much do you give and get you can actually start living for your next perfect moment. Because it not only the destination but the journey that counts too. If you never had a journey, never had the rush to gain something, you never really had a life. Life is a rush, its the death which is stable. Have you ever felt that your life is stable ever since you were born? I suppose not. Keep the stable for when you are not alive anymore. And don’t think why me? Its not only you, it happens with everybody.
                    So, you need to catch up every opportunity while rush is on. When i mean rush, i mean till the time you are alive. Do things you ever wanted because you  don’t want to regret that you never did that, right? And regrets are painful. You don’t need that negativity in you life when you have real stuff to deal with.


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