Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional. You know what keeps you from suffering? HOPE. Hope that it will end. The evil phase will end soon and the universe will give you justice by breaking the painful tethering wired around your soul.
We all suffer from immense pain and only we could understand how is it to feel that. But, we’re helpless! So helpless that we could only wait for a change to happen and could not change it our self. Maybe we don’t have power but this definitely doesn’t mean we forfeit. We ain’t loser, we just have patience. Because the only way to survive is to FORGIVE our survival in this labyrinth of pain.
  Running from it is dead end .We all have to go through it. We have to survive from sufferings and rise from it. Every day is gonna be a new challenge, and you do get rewarded for passing through it. The thing we called happiness is the reward!


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