The unexpected phase

You know the feeling When an unexpected phase comes in to your life which you never thought would happen and is now going to end but you don’t want it to?
You meet people and you’d never imagine that you would get so close and now that you are close things are going to end,  no matter what, its inevitable because there are like forces of universe stopping you from being forever. Like its not love but something else. Like those people have turned into a family kinda thing and you have attached so much that you could spend the whole day with them.
                  You become judgemental when you see people thinking that you would never mingle but you do. And that’s like the most unexpected but it all seems so perfect! Like it was meant to be that way. And you regret being judgemental because meanwhile judging them you could have known them for a longer while.
         Then there is another phase of your life but this can never replace the one which we desperately want to continue. The feeling is like I’ve just started being comfortable and now i have to do the whole process with other bunch of people and its not fun at all. Now that the unexpected phase is going to end you feel sad. Like every unexpected happiness feels so freaking amazing!


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