Why do i care?

In quest to keeping up with yourself and being judgemental you never really realise that in future your life will take you to the path you never thought would happen. Initially you don’t care about people who are around you until they mean something to you. We all judge, don’t we? We make preconceived notions and assume that in future you will never go down that line but the fact is you do! And surprisingly you don’t regret because somewhere you were wrong about making those judgements and being judgemental.
              Now that those people mean alot to you, you want them to like you just the way you like them. Like you never thought you would go that far but you went down that line and now you start to care. You ask yourself why do i care? Days before the people meant nothing but now its completely opposite. Everything has changed, so have you. No matter how much you try to be yourself and make people fall for your personality but the truth is you change or try to accommodate the way they are. You try to mold yourself like them. Why do you care to do that? Because they mean something to you. You want them now, its not the same like before, now their opinions, their concerns, their like and dislikes, everything matters!
              ….and you thought the alone soul would take on the journey not knowing that it was bound to crash thousands of soul having the same journey as yours!


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