Giving away myself..

Sometimes in life, we go crazy for certain people. Like we could cross any boundaries for them. Like we could go beyond our limit just to make them feel good about themselves. And doing this we really forget that we have our own life to carry on. We have our own existence to care about, to feel our own feelings rather than someone elses. Why do we do this? Maybe because we want the same love and affection from them. We want to win their hearts. But they, they are so busy being impressed by someone else that they ignore your existence, view your deeds with blind vision. Like they see it but ignore, because they know you always gonna be there for them. They see through your presence.
               But you know what, you can really go back to what you were or rather what you are. Anything and everything that really cares for you will definitely come back. Remember you are not a care taker, you are a person and your existence may not matter for those certain people but it does to the rest. Put the energy into yourself, give love to yourself and grow enough strong so that nobody’s ignorance will shake you. You don’t need them to be yourself. Yes, it will be difficult to do because you are so used to doing that. But you are doing good for you and theirs nothing bad about it. You are crossing boundaries for people who take you for granted. You don’t really need to win their hearts until there is an equal effort from the other person to win yours. Don’t give away yourself. You are precious!


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