You are so much more..

You don’t know what happiness is until you go for what truly gives you happiness. You always go for something based on your temporary feelings, like giving importance to things or people that hurt you. You think that is happiness because you are so much into it. Get out from there and go where there is something more to life. Like stop obsessing over people who literally don’t care. You are so much more than just being a human being running a rat race, having the ordinary life, dealing with lot of shit everyday, when you can choose the exactly opposite. Why do you always have to move towards the painful side of story when the other side is something much more than what it looks like. Why do you cease hunting opportunities or give up so easily when you haven’t even actually known anything to life yet. Have you ever looked at yourself, how much that you struggle everyday to win hearts? This is not your job and you don’t obviously get paid for doing it. Have you ever tried winning your heart first? Have you ever felt what pleasure does it gives to you? If the answer is a no, well then that’s what you should be doing. This is not going to make to stop being any nicer of that you already are but might as well make you confident. When you run after stuff it doesn’t comes running to you, instead it goes far. There’ll be time for each and everything and an answer for your each and every question. And i don’t say you have to wait, you have to keep up with yourself. Because you are so much more than what others think or see. The day you find what more you have in yourself, it’ll give you happiness you always thrived for!


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