Wanna get past it..

You get past certain things in your life and when you look back it all seems different than what it was when you were in the situation. In past it constantly kept pestering you but now it doesn’t bothers you much. Its like a wave which has calmed down now. Once you get past it, the bigger things seems to be smaller. You think its difficult to go through it but when you actually go through it, it don’t seem that huge. As if you were meant to get past it and not stuck up. Future seems the next big thing now. It all goes on and there is no end to it. But moreover the point is, today is the day you need to realise that in this entire rat race you did survived and you will. You did get past to all the tough times and now those memories seems no more haunting to you. You need not make big deal out of what seems impossible because even your past seemed impossible but now you are in your present. Every tough time makes you better and you don’t realise it because you are in the process of change. You are too busy to catch up with things going around to look whether you have changed or not.
Sooner or later you will get past everything and will be a survivor for your own good!


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