Wish the moment could stay forever!

In life, unexpectedly, we happen to come across those unforgettable days which always bring a smile on your face when you remember them. And you wish the moment could stay forever with you, like you’d wish the day could go on and on and never come to an end. You know when you think your life sucks but then something happens which totally contradicts your thoughts. Nothing can make you sad except your own thoughts, precisely negative. I’ve been watching a video lately about over thinking and the person said was very much accurate and amazing. He said over thinking is an addiction of thoughts being the drug. Just like smoking, you smoke and then you smoke some more and you get addicted. Just like one thought leads to another and then it goes on and you end up getting the conclusion that your life sucks somehow. Like the thought might just start from you being hungry thinking to grab a bite but will end awfully about some serious life issues.
And what could we possibly do about this habit?
Stop chasing where the thought takes you. Feel the current situation. Focus on what you are doing right now. Don’t follow the thought, its a drug. Live your existence not your nightmares. Try to catch on where things you are supposed to do at this moment. You have many things in life to deal with than over thinking about irrelevant stuff. You can overcome this habit because you are powerful!


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