The first impression.

You meet people in your life and always make a typical judgement about them, somehow by their conduct or the way they talk or look. It happens with me most of the time that the judgement i make about a person is mostly opposite of what that person is. Then i think i am too quick at judging a person or giving them a random tag of being friendly or nice or maybe mean at times.
               Always that you hope a person to be something but then that person turns out to be something else. Precisely, when you start to think positively about him and you sorta respect him and after several meets you don’t want to meet him anymore, like all you thought goes down to being vague and pointless. You cannot go back to respecting that person because it didn’t went the way you want it to.
              Exactly how you don’t get what you want in life. Same way every person cannot be according to what you think about that person. First impressions are not always accurate, they are naive to be honest. Because it probably too early to give a tag to a person or put him into a category. And even though a person is not what you think, necessarily doesn’t mean he is bad or weird or whatever. He can be different, and you need to accept that gap between your expectation and reality irrespective of how huge or small the margin is. Accept every person how they are and don’t try to change anybody for your comfort because even you will not like to change for anybody else.


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