Saying it out LOUD.

Have you ever wondered, that sometimes you say too much to a person whereas sometimes, very less. We don’t know what to say to what person, how much to say. Its all on the trust and the time being. You trust a person and you speak your heart out. And there are times, or rather people whom you do trust but not for your words. Some people get hurt, some people don’t, some people are good at keeping secrets but some don’t, some gives you attention and some don’t! I think it all comes down to the point of how much the person is interested  in you. How much of attention do you get from that person. You never get what you want, do you?
                    I don’t know why is that, the person you want the most to be with is nowhere near you and you are with people you never thought you’d be with. Its like missing a person you have never been with. Ironic much. While you wanted to pour your thoughts to that one person, you pour your thoughts out loud to someone else.. to someone who is with you at that moment. It matters the most, who is with you and who is not. No matter how much you want that person to be with but when it comes to saying things out loud, you say it to the one who right next to you. You don’t care who the person is. You just want to share your thoughts, you just want a shoulder to cry on. Then why do you fear to reciprocate the attention the person gave you on whose shoulder you cried on. Why does the someone else that you wanted bothers the someone else that you have. Its very important to realise that the ones you have are far more precious than the one you cannot have. Because they can also be with someone else but they chose you over the one they could have had. How subjective is giving attention to someone? How subjective is craving attention from someone?


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