Your own existence.

Surrounded by people, friends or family or whatsoever, we often forget our own existence. We forget our choices, things that makes us happy, or things that we are actually supposed to do. Yes, we live for others. We get along with someone else’s happiness, we find our satisfaction in their happiness. Blessed souls!
                   Are we compromising with our happiness? Are we making our choices secondary and theirs primary? If so, well then that’s unfair with us. Why are we doing that? Because we care for them more than us and love them more than we love our self. It’s crazy to what extent someone can be selfless. But do we realise that the things we do for that person, will that person be willing to do the same for us? If the answer is yes, than your efforts are worth it. If no, then you know the rest.
                      Sometimes we feel sad for no reason. Feels like some part of the puzzle is missing. What actually missing is the spark! The spark that let you feel satisfied and those equal efforts from the other side. Its the response. If you don’t get any, you always feel incomplete. Well, you need to think, is it worth sparing your time feeling incomplete? Or rather be complete in our own existence. We don’t need people to complete us. We just need our self. We are lost. We need to find ourselves first than finding a right person. Get back with yourself. Make your soul happy first. You are enough capable to make choices, to make decision for your own good. Don’t let someone else control you. All you need right now is your own soul, your own self-confidence which is lost at this moment. You can live again, much happier and gloomy as you were once. Stay smiling šŸ™‚


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