Readers are spectators.

A good novel stays with you forever. You know that part of novel where you begin to read it and you know you’re beginning this whole new journey being a spectator in someone else’s life. The characters become a part of your life and every time that you open a book you travel in their world and reading is like imagining them. You develop opinions about them, infact you fall in love with the characters. The way they are. It feels real, as if its happening to you, as if you are one of them. When there is a tragedy, your heart aches. When something’s funny you laugh. When something’s romantic, you blush. That is what the best part is about a novel. You cannot predict what happens the next and you are so much involve that you don’t want anything bad to happen. You never want a novel to end because it becomes a crucial part of your life. The end of story feels the end of you.
It’s the end of the book, and you’re getting ready to leave the characters. Their story is about to become their own again.💔 And all you can do is imagine..


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