Everybody’s life seems so perfect to us. Like there is no disturbance but peace. They seem happy, they feel happy. You can feel their positive vibes. But when you look at yourself as an outsider you don’t feel the same. There is something depressing about your vibes. There is something wrong with you, anybody could make out that. 

               There is not much difference in you and the other person. Its just that they fake it better than you while you are just making it obvious enough to show your pain. When you show your pain, there is nothing left in you. You are sort of exposed. Because somehow our life revolves around our pains. We suffer but we evolve through it. This process is what defines us and if you let everybody see through your pain, you are letting them to hurt you. Their opinions will start to matter you because everything you’ve ever had is known to them. Its not about keeping secrets but about how well you can take control of your feelings and not letting them ruin your happiness.

           Nobody escapes from suffering. So then why we feel someone’s life is more happening than us? Because what we call problems are not really problems to them. They look at the bigger picture. They have patience, they have control. When we learn to control how not to feel too much of our pain is when our mind and heart meet. We need to be logical and not emotional everytime. Emotion is a trap nobody can escape, very hard to detangle those threads of relations when you so much into figuring out if your feelings will ever reciprocate.

We need to learn how to survive and not why to survive.


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