The evolution

All those times in our life when we want others to know how marvellous is our living, how cool is our life. We just want to scream and tell that our life is also a story to be heard, that we see through our imperfections and we accept who we are, what we are, that we have created memories worth a lifetime. And everything after that makes sense. Our life makes sense.But does it really? The inside story says a different moral though.

                    You try to make sense out of your life somehow to be convincing enough to the people. To let them know that you are not boring and so isn’t your life. We say we accept imperfection but we don’t really. We try to make it perfect. We try to fit in. Yes, somebody’s life must be appealing to you but that necessarily doesn’t mean that so should yours. Boring is good, its satisfying, peaceful. 

           You want thrill in your life but when life gives you problems you back down. Aren’t problems thrills too? You pass through a phase and you come out being stronger than you were before. Why is that we connect problems to suffering? Why can’t we just put it in a way that with problems we are going to the next level of our life. We love moving to the next level in our virtual life by playing simulation, why not the real one then? 

                  Nobody really cares about if you’ve had enough fun and memories in your life. Only you do. Those memories means something only if it reflects your feelings in them. Or else its not worth it. You cannot live a fake life with fake fun and fake feelings. You can fake it to others but not to yourself.

     The best part about being human is to evolve into something greater. You are here to seek a great perhaps. Maybe its the time to evolve,now, into a greater something. Giving away all the fakeness that we had and accepting ourselves, our life, in its true sense.


5 thoughts on “The evolution

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