Do regrets have answers?

We don’t deserve the hostility we get. What is it about? Why is it that all what people show us is enmity? What have we done? We don’t really have answers, do we? If we’ve had answer we would never ask the question. 

           Not everybody has it what you have, the capacity for dealing with being oppressed. Feeling weak, so weak that the powerlessness overrides the digust and the anger left inside. Its not just the person who gets opressed but also the feelings. The feeling crashes down in pieces. But now when those pieces connects its a whole different picture which you can see. You don’t see the pieces into the same form, you don’t see the feelings having the same feel. 

             All the world can say, will always be to fight back. But what you know, nobody knows, nobody understands, nobody feels. You know its not foreign feeling of being oppressed for which you didn’t stood up for yourself. You know its history recreating itself. Bringing back those days you never wish to see. You never wished to be judged again. Yes you didn’t fight back but you had a reason. You didn’t stood up because even this time you thought you would never repeat your mistakes again. Even if standing for yourself was a mistake by then it might not be now. All you can feel is dilemma.

A dilemma transforming into a regret…

You tell yourself one thing, someone’s oppression is never your regret. You can stand up. You can do it what you didn’t. You don’t know your potential until you test. Let the world judge, let it make you feel regret. But never put the regret into a question mark. Never ask if you regret. Because regrets don’t have answers, they have more questions. And those questions don’t have answers either..


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