Interpreting the misinterpretations.

“View the world with my perception and you’ll know.” How many times an average human uses this line to prove himself? Plenty i guess. I wonder how many times people think themselves as their world and conclude how the universe functions? Well, the answer to that would also be plenty i guess.

We all are quite convinced that we own and rule the universe somehow. I mean ofcourse, that explains why we all are winning at life! Yet we are weeping. So that makes us what? Losers or winners? Because losers are weepers and winners are keepers. So what are we the keepers of? In this case, our ego perhaps.

It’s such a bitter fact to digest that we do have ego. Why? Because it makes you an evil person somehow, right? Well, i truly think ego is the most misinterpreted and misused word there is. Ego is nothing but a person’s sense of his own self esteem. Aren’t we entitled to the same? Yes, entitlement is a petty thing. But aren’t we all? We all do somethings in our life which makes us petty or somethings that happen to us which makes us feel petty. Those are the times when we are in desperate need to pump up our self esteem and get back on our feet. But the world, yes, the world, the universe that every individual rules somehow, will judge you for that. Not because they don’t want you to feel better but because all their perception shows them is you boosting your ego! And that is just the most cruel thing you can do according to them.

Here’s a thing, you as an individual have an ego. Everyone does. It’s crucial for our remarkable existence. Yes, letting your ego take over you can make you inhuman but don’t think that every act that boost ego is taken to sabotage someone else’s self esteem. Sometimes it’s for one’s own good. We share the same universe but view it with different perspective and that changes just about everything. And judging someone based on what they do for feeling validated says a lot about you than them. No one will tell you this because they are busy doing the same. Somehow we cannot escape judging but the least we can do is not blind ourselves with the prejudice we have. And not letting someone else feel happy in the right manner is perhaps what makes your life unhappy.


Our hypothetical standards.

We are the hypocrites that we judge. Sometimes in life we contradict with ourselves. We judge someone for something and that something is present in us too. But we are too afraid to face that reality and our belief, our judgement becomes hypocrisy. Unintentionally we end up judging our own self. What is worse than judging your own self?

                   Its very hard to accept the bad that we do because we always want to be someone good. Someone that everybody falls in love with. We want everybody to love us the way we do to ourself. But sometimes we reach to the level of hypocrisy where we cannot face our self. We feel the good in us is lost because our judgements have overpowered our ability to be kind.

                  Basically, we raise the standards of what ‘good’ means for us. We keep the parameter high, always. Because we want to be the epitome of kindness and we always try to reach those standards and benchmark that we create for ourselves. Its not negative to create standards but the practicality of the situation is lost when you think you should and you must attain those benchmarks. You need to be practical enough to think that our standards for ourselves are hypothetical. We cannot always be up to the mark. We are never meant to. You are driven by the sanity in you to become this good human being. But we cannot be good always, atleast not to everybody, and not everytime. 

                      We become the hypocrites because we judge ourselves on basis of those hypothetical standards. Infact we judge everybody based on those standards because that is our little theory of ideal life. Its okay to not achieve the highs in your life. Its okay to fail. Its okay to be ashamed for facing yourself for that you are a human too. Its natural. You need to forgive yourself. You can be everything but perfect, because perfection is as hypothetical as your standards are.