The thing about past is, you never really forget it. Its always there, forever until you die. Somewhere down the memory lane or some corner of your heart it stays but you never really bother to recall it that frequent until something happens that breaks you down. Nothing can make you cry as much as your broken past can. You never really move on, you just pretend to forget it. More like temporary ailment. And there is absolutely nothing wrong in doing that because it is what the best you can do at that time. We don’t travel in time to make things better in our past, we can only wish such things.
                   The trouble starts when these memories starts haunting you. Like when you have an emotional breakdown and all of sudden you are like the most depressed person. The past brings shiver down your spine and every goosebum reminds you of every moment in a flash. Its horrifying. All we can think of is why didn’t we do something at that time, we could have acted in that way which wouldn’t had left these memories haunting in the present. We could have been better. We could have saved our past-self from drowning. You can only regret that you didn’t do what you should have been doing. But the truth is your hands were tied back then!
               No person is perfect, nobody acts the ideal way. Life doesn’t come with a script. You don’t have to recite your dialogues and blabber them. You speak what your mind says you to. You don’t realise what you’ve done until you actually do it. If future was so predictable then nobody would be regretting their past. If you knew what the consequences would have been, i am sure you would never act the way you did. Its just that, don’t be hard on yourself.
             We all have those haunting memories and nightmares and we wake up being too scared to sleep again. We start to hate ourself and all those people who did wrong. The situation is to be blamed and not the people. Because even the other people are just like you, they acted the way they thought was the best to them even though it was the worst. Its the perception game. Hitler thought he was doing the best for Germany, and Jews thought exactly opposite of his actions. Everybody has a reason for their actions irrespective of the motive. And most of the time the reason is for their own good.     
           Everybody thinks about themselves and there is nothing wrong in doing that until your happiness comes with a cost to someone else’s. But then you never think about these stuff when it comes in the practical scenario. People become blind for their own sake of happiness. That what regret is all about. You can never run away from your past, from your actions, from your words. And your actions and your words are not just regret for you, its for all of them associated with you.